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Cow Mats

  • Best quality, specifically designed stable mats for use with cows & cattles and horses.
  • Made from 100% natural rubber.
  • Best for walking areas, feed passages, milking parlours, collecting yards, crossing passages, etc.
  • Claw friendly and sure footed cover for uneven floors.
  • Ideal for efficient feed conversion, increased weight, improved health conditions and minimal injuries.
  • Built ideally for improved heat insulation and easy manure removal.
  • Specifically designed mats enabling it withstanding different floor conditions.
  • Safety and health of animals and the people tending them, are given utmost priority while designing these mats.
Heavy-Duty Cow / Pony Mat 1.4x1.83METER / 3.88x6FEETx25MM Thickness

Heavy-Duty Cow / Pony Mat 1.4x1.83METER / 3.88x6FEETx25MM Thickness

£50.99 Ex Tax: £42.49

Quality Rubber Mats Interlock Cow / Pony 1.4x1.83m/3.88x6Feet x 25mm Heavy Duty-Luxury Mats The comfort of cows is directly proportional to their productivity and profitability. T..


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