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Rubber Flooring Garage/Van/Horse box- Sheeting Matting Rolls 1.2M Wide X 3MM And 10mm THICKNESS


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Rubber Flooring Garage/Van/Horsebox- Sheeting Matting Rolls 1.2M Wide X 3MM And 10MM 

Industrial Rubber Matting produced from a very hard-wearing rubber material. Ideal for protection of carpets in busy corridors, protection of car boots and vans, shelves, pet grooming tables, workbenches, provides excellent insulation for cold workshop floors, walls of stables and trailers, Kennels and Cages, Cab floor mats, Gymnasiums, Stage work and many other uses. Due to a low-profile pattern, this product is straightforward to sweep and mop clean.

• Reception areas for home and work.
• Garage floors, Anti-slip, warehouse flooring, Shock Absorbing
• Vehicle flooring / Van Loading areas / Boot areas etc.
• Shelves – helps preserves area and avoid items slipping.
• Use on slippery surfaces/tiles areas.
• Yoga Matting
• Ideal for pet/animal uses / Kennel areas / Stables / Cages.
• Internal and External Playground areas, Boats
• Shock absorbing and insulates from the cold i.e warehouse floor/Packing Area
• The possibilities are endless…….

Another use of this very flexible product is in the lining of workshop drawers. Once glued down it softens the impact of dropping tools and makes the action of opening and closing the draw quieter. In order to fit our rubber to the base of a drawer or cupboard, simply measure the size you need and carefully cut with a knife. Handily, when supplied as a rubber roll of the mat, it can then be cut to your desired length and glued down.

If you move stock on flatbed trolleys, then this matting can also be stuck to the platform surface. This can the benefits of stopping items sliding off and protecting the load from damage caused by the hard platform....

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